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Mothapo is a strong advocate of the Broad-Based Strategies of Black Economic Empowerment

Mothapo Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to skills development

Members of the firm have been actively involved, as part of industry associations, in the development of the Construction Charter. The company is a strong advocate of the Broad-Based Strategies of Black Economic Empowerment. Skills development strategies employed by the firm include both structured mentoring and continuous professional development guided by the Built Environment Councils of South Africa. A significant fraction of the company’s salary bill is dedicated to the skills development of all employees with specific focus on developing the skills of previously disadvantaged employees.

Mothapo Projects is committed to:

  • Ensure and maintain a non-discriminatory working environment.
  • Implement measures that improve the capabilities of any employee who may have been previously disadvantaged.
  • Provide a preferential recruitment and selection procedure.
To implement the above, Mothapo is committed:

  • To ensure that there is equal opportunity for all employees to have access to facilities and opportunities that Mothapo may offer without reference to race, gender or creed.
  • To foster an attitude of tolerance and acceptance of persons across racial and cultural differences which will provide for a harmonious and constructive working environment.
  • To provide opportunities for persons from the target group to develop into key personnel based on their potential and ability to perform.

Mothapo will continue to achieve the above without lowering the standard and quality of work for which Mothapo is known.

DTI Scorecard

Through training and the above strategies encompassing the seven pillars of empowerment, the company is categorised as a Level 2 Contributor to empowerment on the DTI’s B-BBEE balanced scorecard. All dealings or procurement of services from Mothapo Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd will attract 135% score for our clients and business associates on their scorecards. A certificate of our scorecard is available and is attached to this profile.